Sorry The online catelog is offline for two weeks //for scheduled upgrades. Please contact us directly if there is something //we can help you with."); //exit; $cat_path=substr($PHP_SELF,10); $cat_path=urldecode($cat_path); if(substr($cat_path,strlen($cat_path)-1) == "/") $cat_path=substr($cat_path,0,strlen($cat_path)-1); $cat_path=trim($cat_path); //If we were given the category as it's id, great, keep it! if(is_numeric($cat_path)){ $cat_id=$cat_path; } //Otherwise ask the database what that category's id is else{ require(""); $query=mysql_query("select type_id from categories where type_name='$cat_path'") or die(write_mysqlerror()); if(mysql_num_rows($query) == 0){ print("Error 404 on $cat_path - Category not found."); exit; } $row=mysql_fetch_row($query); $cat_id=$row[0]; } //Now print out the category.php as if we directly called category.php?cat_id=cat_id include("category.php");